Swimming Pool Leak Detection & Repair Services

Florida Pool and Leak Specialists, as the name implies, are your go-to experts to solve any pool problem.

Our experts provide comprehensive leak detection assessments at your site to pinpoint the problem using a state-of-the-art ultrasonic locator. Combined with pressure testing and dye tests, our team will find the issue and make the necessary repairs, backed with our guarantee.

Whether a commercial or residential, in-ground or aboveground pool, we have the experience to get your pool filled back up. Our tests don’t require any cutting of pipes or destruction of deck structures, making our services as unobtrusive as possible.

All this testing is done with:

  • No deck destruction
  • No cutting of pipes

We also can test your equipment for issues, including pump motors, filters, and valves, and help make proactive suggestions to prevent future issues from unnecessary chemical use, ground erosion or deteriorating surfaces.

Since 1998, we’ve worked on more than 25,000 pools throughout the Monroe, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties region, so let our expertise work for you.

For more information or to schedule an on-site consultation, call us today at 305-228-0880.