Miami Swimming Pool Leak Detection & Repair Services

We provide extensive testing utilizing a state of the art ultrasonic pinpoint locator. This test, combined with dye testing (around return fittings, main drain, lights, pool shell, vac fitting and scum gutters) and pressure testing the plumbing gives us the confidence to guarantee all of our work.

All this testing is done with:

  • No deck destruction
  • No cutting of pipes

We also provide evaluations and service on:

  • Motors, filters and valves

Things that can be avoided:

  • Pump equipment failure
  • Unnecessary chemical consumption
  • Accelerated surface deterioration
  • Underground erosion or sinkholes

Minor Repairs include patchwork around return fittings, light conduit etc.
Guaranteed for 3 months.

Major Repairs usually consist of broken pipes, cracks, etc. and a written estimate will be submitted for repairs. All major repairs are guaranteed for 1 year.

Florida Pool and Leak Specialists
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